Car Covers – What Size To Buy?

When looking to car covers, whether for wholesale or private purposes, a big thing to look into is the size. Generally speaking, car covers come in three sizes; universal, semi custom and custom. Although the difference in protection is not determined by the size, but rather the fabric of the actual cover, it will make a difference in the level of protection. Universal covers are the most basic type of covers that there are. It is a cover that will fit any car no matter how big or small it is. For some, this may prove to be a big advantage as the cover need not be updated, every time a new car is purchased. In addition, it can be shared between family and friends, regardless of what car they own. For those who are more fashion conscious though, the universal may not be good enough. It will either be a bit big, or a bit small, and will make the car look rather shapeless. There may be excess material flapping about in the wind if the car is a small one, alternatively, there may be parts of the car peeking out, due to car cover amazon.

However, the universal cover, is by far the cheapest type of cover simply because it can be mass produced. As it is not made with any specific car in mind, the cover has fewer seams, and therefore less work, hence the low cost. Going up slightly in price, as well as fit, are the semi custom covers. These are made to fit a group of cars that are of similar shape and size. The cover is therefore of a better fit, without being quite an exact fit. Naturally, this looks much better than the universal cover, as well as provides better protection. There is no chance on anything to be left uncovered, and thereby unprotected, like there is with the universal. Semi custom car covers are a popular choice as they provide very good protection and are not to expensive. People tend to find that they are quite reasonably priced, and without having to pay too much, their car will still look good even whilst covered. Custom covers are considered the elite and upper class car covers. Each cover is custom made for the customer and his car. The owner will have a chance to personalise his car cover by choosing the colour and style, as well as having the option of selecting a logo to have on the bonnet. This gives the cover an added touch of class. Since the cover is made specifically for the car, it will fit it exactly without leaving any gaps, or having any excess material. The overall look is very chic and classy. Custom car covers are a statement within themselves. As the cover fits perfectly, it is able to provide the highest form of protection possible. There is no chance of any sort of thing to creep in and make its way on to the car.

Staying Practical With Universal Car Covers

Universal car covers are the most practical type of cover there is. As it is, car covers are practical as they will protect cars without being too expensive, or space consuming. Garages are very expensive to build, and not everyone has the space for it. Car covers are extremely compact and fold up to fit in a corner of the trunk of the car. This gives the driver the opportunity to take the cover with him wherever he goes. Then all he needs to do is pop on his cover, and he has all the protection he needs. So in reality, a car cover is far better than a garage, as it can go along with the car and protect it anywhere in the world. Of the three sizes that there are, universal covers are the best. This is due to the fact that universal car covers will fit any car no matter how big in size. This is extremely advantageous as when buying a new car, there is no need to buy a new cover as well, hence saving lots of money. What’s more, the cover can be shared between family and friends, disregarding what car they own, as the universal cover will fit them all. The universal cover is waterproof and will prevent any sort of liquid, rain, sleet or snow from working their way on to the car and harming it. When rain gets onto cars, not only does it leave horrible water marks, but the acid in the rain causes the paint to disintegrate. As a result the car looks rather patchy and ugly. Ultra violet rays from the sun are also extremely dangerous for cars. They cause the car to overheat, and ruin the internal workings of the car. In addition, the car becomes to hot to drive in, as it is so hot and stuffy, and the driver can even burn his hands on the steering wheel. Ultra violet rays bleach the paintwork and ruin the finish so that before long, the car looks old and faded. Breathable car covers give the car a chance to breathe and sweat without getting steamed up and mould whilst covered.  Simultaneously, no moisture is allowed in. All universal covers are elasticized at the front and rear of the cover to ensure easy accessibility for the owner to put it on and take it off. This way the cover can stretch over any sized car, and still retain it’s high level of protectiveness. Car covers have a safety feature too. Having a cover prevents unwanted prying eyes from looking in and snooping around the car. If the car is covered, it is abandoned as an unworthy target, and remains ‘car-thief-free’.

So Much To Gain From Car Covers

This is due to the impact of nature’s harsh elements. Nature can not be trusted with the handling of cars; experience has proved it. There is untold damage caused by nature alone.

The sun: A car that is left standing in the sun for a long period of time (one day), will overheat. This causes the internal specs of the car to get ruined, as well as the interior to become stuffy and to hot to drive in. Drivers could even end up with minor burns from the overheated steering wheel. The exterior of the car will fade due to the powerful ultra violet rays. UV bleaches the paintwork and melts the finish so that the car is colourless, and drab.

The wind: Wind tends to drag along with it all sorts. This includes any sort of rubble that has been left in the streets such as sticks and stones. They are dragged along unwillingly, and as they whip past cars, they inevitable end up scratching and denting them.

The rain: the rain leaves ugly watermarks all over the exterior of the car, and over time causes it to rust too. The high levels of acid in the rain means that the paintwork begins to disintegrate, leaving the car looking rather patchy and unsightly.

The snow: When it snows, the car and all it’s parts freeze over. This includes the brakes. Frozen brakes do not work properly, and this could be extremely dangerous, and even fatal. Birds’ droppings, tree sap, dust etc, are other natural ‘weapons’. They leave horrible stains that are almost impossible to fully remove. This gives the car a chance to breathe and sweat whilst covered, without the fear of it getting rotten, and steamed up. An all weather car cover is also ultra violet resistant and therefore none of the sun’s rays will be able to penetrate. The cover will also act as a cushioning shield for the car against any sort of knocks and bangs. These will all be absorbed by the cover without making an impression on the car itself. None of these stains will be able to reach the car, leaving it completely clean and shiny. The car will be able to retain its shine and luster, and handsome look, as it will not be exposed to any type of threatening weather conditions. The internal workings of the car will remain intact, and as a whole, will be much healthier. There is so much to be gained from having a car cover, and so much to lose, by not.

Wholesale Car Covers

Wholesale car covers has become a popular business. This is hardly surprising considering the newly found interest in car covers. Until now, people looked at car covers more as an accessory than a necessity. They did not understand the importance of covering one’s car. Today though, there has been an increased awareness on just how detrimental nature can be to cars. People have begun to realise that ‘nice car’ and ‘parked outdoors unprotected’ do not belong in the same sentence. There is no way the two can go together. When a car is kept outdoors, it is left to become a victim of acid rain eating the car’s paint work, the exterior getting bleached from the ultra violet rays, and scratched and dented in the wind. This is not all. There is a long list of the dangers that may befall a car when it is stored outdoors, even over just one night. Frankly, after spending so much on the car itself, it is hardly worth paying for constant cleaning and repairs. It is no longer considered posh and overly wealthy to have a cover, but rather a practical and sensible. Of course, there are still the elitist with more upper class, fancy looking covers, but as a whole, car covers are available and accessible to each and every member of the general public. No two people are the same. Not everyone lives with the same car, in the same climate and weather conditions. Therefore, the choice of covers is huge. There are various covers, with different protective combinations, so that everyone, in every climate, is able to find the perfect cover for him and his car. It is a vicious circle; increased demand, therefore increased supply, therefore increased awareness, and increased demand. This has led to more types of covers to be manufactured. More research in various materials, and their protective qualities, and hence a larger choice available on the market. It is a booming business that is taking off. Perhaps the busiest place is online. This is due to the fact that more and more people are using the internet for shopping as it is the easiest way to shop. People can read up about all the various covers, read reviews, get a balanced view of the product in question before having to make the deal. This is all at the click of a button, without having to run around from shop to shop, garage to garage.